Underground Advertising

When it comes to showcasing your products or services, there is nothing quite like underground advertising. The London Underground is a busy place, to say the least, with millions of people using it every day. Whether it is Londoner’s commuting to work or tourists moving about, the tube is somewhere that sees a lot of regular footfall. All in all, it is estimated that close to 5 million people use the underground every day which is a huge audience you could have direct access too.

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Underground Advertising

Use underground advertising to boost your business

Marketing is key to all businesses as a way to attract more sales, build their brand and increase their market share. Taking out advertising space on the tube is perfect for this and helps mark your company out as a true innovator. The high dwell time which people have when hanging around stations or travelling on the tube is what makes this type of marketing so effective. Appealing to your core audience is also simple as you can choose which station to run campaigns at.


Make sure to choose the right type of advert

This type of advertising gives you access to a wide audience as people use it at all hours of the day and night. To get the most from it though, you need to select the right type of advert. Most people spend lots of time in the underground moving up and down escalators for example which makes easy to read sheet adverts effective. You can even use this sort of small sheet advertising in a digital format to help make them more engaging.

In addition, people spend a lot of time hanging around stations for their train when using the tube. This makes large sheet adverts ideal for standing out on station walls or cross-track settings. With plenty of time to kill, this type of marketing can really connect with travellers as they look for something to stay entertained with.

What other types of advert work well?

When it comes to underground advertising, you should also think about using panel space on carriages. This allows you to connect with passengers at the very point they have the most time to fill, thus giving you maximum exposure. By running a large batch of adverts across a number of carriages, you will have even more chance of getting people’s attention.

One last thing to think about is running ads close to ticket barriers. This is an area of underground stations which see a lot of footfall and also where people have to slow down as they pass through the barriers. It is this slowdown in pace which gives them time to view your advert and find out more about your business.

Let TMH Outdoor help with underground advertising

If you like the sound of what this sort of advertising can bring to your business, why not give TMH Outdoor a call today? As one of the UK’s premier outdoor marketing agencies, we can help you design an underground advertising campaign that will appeal to your target audience and also attract new customers.

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