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Toilet Advertising

The toilet is, amazingly, one of the most attractive and effective places in which to advertise! For both sexes, the back of the toilet door is what they’re going to be staring at for a minute or so. Imagine your audience having little alternative but to stare at your brand for minutes at a time! What’s not to like? And yet that’s exactly what you’re going to get if you use toilet advertising to get your message across. Because using the toilet is a multi-stage process, there’s potential to advertise in a range of different locations within the restroom facilities. Take a look at why toilet advertising is growing in popularity.

Why you need toilet advertising

Here are just some of the reasons why toilet advertising needs to form a key part of your marketing strategy:

Public Setting

Golden opportunities to sell products which are difficult to place elsewhere: from sexual health test kits and over-the-counter medicines for “below the belt” matters to feminine hygiene products, hair removal products, contraception and related items, toilet advertising offers a great opportunity to provide messages that your audience need, but may not wish to receive in a more public setting.

Wide range of venues

Toilets are everywhere and everyone uses them! There are large numbers of public toilets in a wide range of venues. This opens up a wealth of possibilities to target messages to specific geographical areas, particular age groups or one sex rather than more generic advertising.

We can place your adverts inside toilets in shopping malls, motorway services, bars and hospitals.

A chance to target your specific audience

Depending on the location of the toilet advertising, there is potential to select a targeted demographic that you’ve already identified as being your chosen market.

A wide range of toilet advertising available

When you turn to us for toilet advertising, you’ll be amazed at the amount of variety we can offer. Our team is able to provide anything from static displays through to moving publicity, eye-catching quirky advertising and more. In addition, by teaming toilet advertising with an online campaign, you are able to give a consistent message to your audience, no matter where they may find you.

Toilet advertising may not be what most businesses think of initially when planning their marketing strategy, but its proven effectiveness makes it an attractive addition to almost any advertising campaign. Contact us at TMH Outdoor to find out more about toilet advertising.

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