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Petrol station advertising

Could petrol station advertising be the answer to your marketing needs? Petrol station advertising has been around for decades, catching the attention of motorists who, for the time that they’re filling up, have little to do but admire their immediate surroundings.

If those surroundings include some attention grabbing information about your brand and products, it’s highly likely to be noted. The wide variety of petrol station advertising opportunities means that businesses of all shapes and sizes can end up getting the exposure they need.

Whether you’re new to the concept of petrol station advertising, or an old hand, there are plenty of ways it can help generate the additional trade you’re looking for.

What are the advantages of petrol station advertising?

High volumes of customers

With around three-quarters of UK households owning a car, that’s an awful lot of motorists who need fuel! Even people who aren’t normally big shoppers will still need to visit the garage in order to fill up.

Petrol station users are looking at what's around them

For the minute or so that a driver is filling up, they’re not really concentrating on much; their eye wanders – which is a great opportunity for your brand to be in front of them. Removing the competition and advertising to a receptive audience are two benefits that can make a real difference to the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Range of geographical reaches

For local businesses, a garage in your town or city is going to work well; aiming for a national audience? Motorway petrol station advertising is a fantastic opportunity to catch the attention of motorists and their families from across the country.

Potential to link with online advertising

Carrying your message across mediums ensures consistency. This, in turn, helps to firmly register your presence in the mind of your customers. By using both real life and digital publicity, your target audience are likely to come across you more frequently.

Let TMH Outdoor help with petrol station advertising

As well as static displays, there is also potential to create moving petrol station advertising, which changes every so often. In addition, smaller adverts (such as those found on petrol pump handles), can deliver a high impact for a relatively modest outlay.

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