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Shopping Centre Advertising

What is it about shopping centre advertising that makes it so effective? Although digital advertising is frequently touted as the solution to effective marketing, real-life marketing still has a pivotal role to play in getting your message out there. Despite a growing reliance on e-commerce and online purchases, a large number of consumers still value the real-life retail experience. Shopping centre advertising captures a demographic who are largely interested in high-end purchases, and who tend to have the disposable income to spend on attractive, luxury items. In addition, they are also people who will need anything from beauty treatments to mortgages, insurance and more – which is why shopping centre advertising can be successfully adopted by a wide range of businesses.

What are the key benefits of shopping centre advertising?

High footfall

Particularly during peak periods, shopping centres can see hundreds of thousands of people pass through their doors in just a few days – that’s a lot of potential customers.

Large catchment area

If you’ve got something to offer on a regional basis, shopping centres have the reach you’re looking for.

Shopping centre users are looking to buy

Unlike everyday shopping for essentials, a trip to the shopping centre is often a well-earned treat or day out. Visitors usually have money set aside to spend, and are actively looking for things to spend it on – why not be one of those things?

An audience engaged with their surroundings

Shopping centres are very visual places! Customers are actively looking around them for opportunities to buy. This means they are highly likely to notice your adverts, and are in the mood to respond.

Less competition

Online adverts have to compete with lots of other online adverts. Inevitably, digital audiences get overwhelmed. Shopping centre advertising will occupy its own, discreet space, standing out for the right reasons.

Plenty of different options

From panels in restrooms through to touch screens, moving frames or static advertising, there are lots of options available. We will work with you to establish which methods are going to be most suitable for reaching your target audience.

Let TMH Outdoor help with shopping centre advertising

Used alone, or in conjunction with other advertising methods, shopping centre advertising has the capacity to make a measurable difference to the success of your marketing strategy. We can offer an advertising experience that’s specifically focused on shopping centres, or work with you to create a holistic strategy that encompasses a variety of advertising formats.

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