Billboard Advertising

Billboards are a key marketing tool for capturing attention and advertising products and services. Billboard technology has changed a lot since the first billboard in 1889 and billboard advertising has remained an important component of any good marketing strategy. Whether you are looking to build brand awareness or target a specific audience, billboard advertising can help your company.

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Billboard Advertising

Widen your audience

Unlike an advert in a magazine or newspaper, a billboard can be seen by everyone who passes by free of charge. This means that billboards are more cost-effective and impactful than any other form of mass marketing media. With more people commuting to work than ever before, you can still expect to see strong results from a billboard marketing campaign in a fairly remote area.


24/7 presence

If you choose to purchase an advert on a radio or TV slot, your advert will only be played at certain times. Using billboard advertising eliminates this issue. No matter what time of day or night, providing your billboard is properly illuminated, your billboard will always be visible and therefore potentially seen by more people.

Quick results

When you have a new product or service you want people to learn about quickly, a billboard is a great tool to spread your message, fast. Billboards have the wow-factor and can build brand, product and service awareness very effectively.

Above are just some of the benefits to billboard advertising. There are, however, some considerations you must understand before beginning a billboard advertising campaign…


Cost vs. circulation

Think about how you are going to weigh up the cost of a billboard advertisement spot. When you are costing this decision, it is wise to research the circulation figures for the location of your billboard spot, is it a rural motorway or a busy Highstreet? The total number of people who pass your billboard will make a difference to how much money you are willing to invest. But importantly, the demographic who is most likely to pass the billboard should also factor in your choice.

What story are you telling?

We can all remember a dramatic billboard we passed as a child. Creating a dramatic billboard is easier now as billboard technology is digital, interactive, and incredibly adaptable. The technology that supports a digital billboard has evolved to support a fantastic range of designs and ideas. However, this won’t benefit your company unless the images you pick for your advertisement hook in the viewer.

Taking into account the short time-span that the billboard advert will be seen before the viewer moves on is also key. A digital billboard can help you capitalise on this short time, ensuring that every second counts!


We can help with your billboard advertising needs

If you are unsure about billboard placement, or how you will tell a story with your billboard, don’t worry. We can help.

At TMH, we have advanced expertise in billboard advertising. We understand the evolving technology of billboards and can help your advertising campaigns reach their full potential. If you want to increase brand awareness or reach a new demographic, contact TMH today.

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