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Ticket and Receipt Advertising

Why advertise on tickets? A large amount of contemporary marketing advice is based around the digital market: from engaging through social media to the perfect website, it’s all about the online experience. Whilst a virtual connection with your audience is, indeed, a vital part of any successful marketing strategy, for many businesses it shouldn’t be the sole focus of your efforts. Real-life advertising is still an extremely effective way of reaching your audience. Depending on who you’re trying to reach, the right advert on a ticket can capture the attention of prospective customers wonderfully well. Take a look at why so many successful businesses are using tickets and receipts to showcase their goods and/or services.

Cut through the noise with ticket advertising

In many ways, your audience is already pre-selected for you by the nature of the tickets and receipts you choose to advertise on. Advertising on the back of a concert ticket is going to guarantee that your audience fits the demographic of concert-goers; a receipt from a kitchen equipment store will reach a different audience to that for a music store. The precision with which you can predict your audience means you are directly targeting prospective customers. In comparison, online marketing often gets lost in the sheer volume of online competition.

Provide a directly related service

If you’re a coffee outlet at a concert venue, advertising a special offer on the tickets is a no-brainer! Similarly, advertising your personal training service on the back of receipts for fitness/nutrition products could put you directly in touch with people looking for what you’ve got to offer. Targeted advertising on tickets gives you the opportunity to position yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right type of offer.

Grab your audience’s interest

For the brief few seconds that a person has a ticket or receipt in their hand, they’re focusing on that, not on anything else. In a world where people are frequently glued to their screens, being able to capture someone’s entire attention for even a few seconds makes an enormous difference to the likelihood that you will get your message across.

Let TMH Outdoor help with ticket and receipt advertising

Whether you’re attracting a local audience, or have a product which has wider appeal, advertising on printed material gives you a unique opportunity to connect with a pre-selected audience. Get in touch with TMH Outdoor to find out more about the benefits that using ticket advertising can bring to you and your customers.

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