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Pub Advertising

Pub advertising is the perfect option for attracting several demographics of customers. Typically, pubs see a broad range of patrons, from students and sports fans to over 50’s having a drink in their local. No matter the type of pub patron your business is looking to attract, we can help you plan and execute the perfect pub advertising campaign. We understand the importance of return on investment (ROI) and can ensure that you get the results you need to demonstrate the value from your pub advertising campaign.

Types of Pub Advertising

You may already be familiar with some of the options available to you for advertising in pubs. Here, we break down how each type of pub advertising can drive customers to your business.

Digital advertising in pubs

Many pubs now use screens for advertising promotions and deals to customers. However, utilising these screens for your adverts can win you big business. Digital advertising in pubs is an excellent way to attract students and Millennials, as they are the group most likely to engage with digital adverts. Typically, digital adverts are eye-catching, animated and get your message across quickly. One of the many benefits of digital advertising in pubs is that you don’t need to worry about printed materials and your promotions and messages can be updated efficiently.

Toilet Advertising in Pubs

Advertising in the toilets of a pub is a popular and practical choice. You will have seen many of these adverts yourself. Typically, toilet adverts in pubs are located on the back of the stall doors, above the hand dryers or next to the sinks. The reason that advertising in washrooms is effective is that you capture your audience with a dwell-time of around two minutes – when they have nowhere else to look. You have their full attention, and we can help you make the most of it.

Open Bar Area Advertising in Pubs

Another option for pub advertising is in the open bar area. This is usually printed posters. Open bar areas available for advertising include large wall spaces, on the bar, on tables or next to the bar area. People spend a lot of time sitting or waiting to be served. Naturally, their eyes will wander, and with the right advertisement, you can catch their attention.

Beer Mat advertising

Advertising on Beer Mats in pubs is a fantastic way of reaching consumers in a relaxed environment. Your message can be creative and versatile providing a direct message to people who have the time to read and discuss your message. Mobile phones are usually close by which will create further engagement online. Beer Mats are tangible and people can take home and respond discretely if the message is sensitive. Most pubs are open 12-16 hours a day, which means your audience will rotate constantly.

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