Taxi Advertising

Taxi advertising can help your business go far. With thousands of people using taxi services every day, taxi advertising campaigns are seen by millions of potential customers for your business every month.

Advertising on or in taxis can allow you to reach a high volume of customers. There are several options to suit your needs; here, we break down your options for taxi advertising and how they can help you capture the attention of your potential customers.

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Taxi Advertising

Full-wrap advertising

Full-wrap taxi advertising, as it sounds, covers the entire taxi. Covering the whole taxi allows your brand to be spotted from miles away, building customer familiarity with your brand colour palette and allowing your message to be seen from many angles.

It is highly likely you will have seen several full-wrap taxis around London and in other UK cities. More prominent brands often utilise full-wrap taxi advertising for longer-term campaigns or high-profile medium-term campaigns.


Megaside taxi advertising

Megaside taxi advertising is an excellent alternative to full-wrap. Your campaign will be displayed across the full side of the taxi rather than wrapping it completely. Megaside taxi advertising is perfect for medium or smaller campaigns as it is less expensive than full-wrap, but can still have a serious impact.

Your campaign will be clearly visible to workers, shoppers, pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers. Megaside taxi advertisements are more subtle, but can still deliver the results you need. With the right design, messaging and placement, your advertisement can deliver a serious return on investment.

Taxi advertising – Tip seats & receipt pads

Are you looking to advertise to a captive audience? Tip seats and receipt pads are the perfect option. During a taxi journey, the passenger’s eyes will be naturally drawn to your advertisement ideally placed in their eye line. We can help you to ensure the text is of the right size and font to be easily readable so you can get your message across. Keeping it short and sweet is vital for tip seat and receipt pad taxi advertising, as well as using bright colours and bold text.


Rear window taxi advertising

When people are stuck in traffic or stopped at lights, your advertisement will take centre stage. Rear window taxi advertising is ideal for reaching drivers, cyclists and even passengers.

Interactive taxi advertising

Taxi advertising has gone digital! You can easily advertise to potential customers using their smartphones via QR codes or NFC tags.


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