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Phone Box Advertising

In the age of the mobile phone, it’s sometimes easy to forget that there are thousands of phone boxes, scattered across the country, in all sorts of locations. These can be used for advertising in two ways. Obviously, phone users are looking at a relatively small area whilst making a call, which is why a striking message from your brand could really make an impact. In addition, the outside of a phone booth or box makes the perfect place to locate some high-grade publicity about the goods and/or services that you have available.

Remember that phone boxes aren’t just used for calls now, they’re also Wi-fi hot spots where users can connect to the Internet. Here’s why businesses are harnessing the power of phone box advertising to get their brand noticed.

Why should you use phone box advertising?

Not considered phone box advertising before? Here are four reasons why you should:

stand out

Phone boxes tend to have a location that stands out. Phone boxes are often placed where they will be noticed. If you’re advertising on a phone box, chances are your message is going to catch the eye in a way it wouldn’t in a more mundane setting.

heavy-duty exposure

Phone boxes are located where there are people! Phone boxes are intended to deliver a return on investment, in the same way as most other things. The more people who use it, the more money it’s going to generate. This means your advertising is going to get some pretty heavy-duty exposure.


If people are using a phone box, it’s your advert they’re going to see: when you’re speaking on the phone, your immediate surroundings are what catches your eye. Phone box advertising provides businesses with the undivided attention of potential customers whilst they’re on a call.


Tailor your phone box advertising to suit your audience. The variety of phone box locations makes it easy to target those which match the location of your target audience.

Let TMH Outdoor help with phone box advertising

Phone box advertising has enormous potential to delivery out-of-the-ordinary exposure that stands out for the right reasons. Using a range of innovative approaches, we can create eye-catching phone box advertising that demands attention and the type of response you’re looking for. Get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.

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