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Airport Advertising

Airport advertising provides flexible and multifaceted advertising options for your business. Airports are used by thousands of people from a variety of demographics every day. But most importantly, at the airport, the audience is receptive. According to a survey, 85% of frequent international flyers actually enjoy airport advertising.

While airport advertising is an excellent way to target those going on holiday or commuters flying around the UK, the opportunity is open to all types of business. People have a lot of downtime at the airport, often waiting for hours in the same place. This creates the perfect environment for creative advertising.

Airport advertising opportunities

There are many opportunities for advertising across all major airports. We regularly help clients to advertise in London Gatwick, London Luton, Stansted, Bournemouth, Prestwick, Glasgow, Manchester, Prestwick, and Southampton airports.

Digital airport advertising

Most airports have large screens throughout public and terminal areas. With the right advertisement, you can easily capture the attention of a broad range of audiences. The key to digital advertising in airports is colour and creativity. With many people waiting around, an animated advert can provide a small piece of entertainment and get your brand message across.

Large sign airport advertising

Signs in airports can be hugely effective. Often very creative and tailored to the airport environment, with bright colours, bold font and humour where appropriate, you should aim to entertain your audience. Airports are vast, and there is plenty of room to create an advertisement with an impact for your brand.

Let TMH Outdoor help with airport advertising

Airport advertising is useful for several reasons. It can associate your brand with how your customers are feeling in the moment. For example, if you offer business services, you will catch many commuters in ‘business mode’ where they may be considering making commercial decisions. Also, many people associate being at the airport with a ‘high-flying’ or affluent lifestyle. Airport advertising is an excellent opportunity for luxury brands to solidify their high-end offering in the minds of potential customers.

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