12% uplift in applications


TMH Outdoor planned and executed a 4-week campaign for a police force whose objective
was to increase the number of ethnic applicants they received during their recruitment drive.


We planned a targeted campaign on a multi media level keeping within a specific location. We
brought ethnic TV into the mix as well as using radio and outdoor.


The 4-week campaign gave a 12% uplift which was directly attributed to the campaign that TMH Outdoor planned.

Since the highly successful first campaign, this police client has run another 18 campaigns with TMH Outdoor and also recommended us to many other police forces. TMH Outdoor now regularly work with over half of the police forces across the country.

Multiple forces we work with now use us to book and plan non-recruitment campaigns for them. While our expertise in reaching different ethnic groups puts us in a unique position to help police
forces, the excellent rates we buy at, coupled with our knowledgeable, professional reporting (both
pre and post campaign) have enabled us to win campaigns that would have previously been booked via their internal comms teams or other media agencies.

Two of the police forces we work with have presented at the Home Office, recommending our
services to all forces across the UK and we are now listed on the Home Office Hub as police force
preferred suppliers. The Home Office has paid for multiple campaigns that have been managed by
TMH Outdoor, this was based on the visible results we had achieved for other forces.


12% uplift in applications