NHS Nottingham

Recruiting nursing staff


NHS Nottingham tasked TMH Outdoor with
creating a multi media campaign aimed at
recruiting nursing staff at their new mental
health hospital.

They needed immediate results, to enable
them to start their recruitment process. So
our campaign needed to deliver instant


TMH Outdoor worked closely with NHS Nottingham and planned a media campaign to best connect with their targeted profile of both males and females within a local commute of the new hospital.

With our extensive knowledge of local media we put together a targeted media campaign that would give NHS Nottingham maximum reach and impact.

We achieved this by using the following media –Adnozzles, Bus Rears, Dax Radio and Capital Radio.


The campaign was highly effective, we used a number of different media and this in turn created high coverage and impact.

Applications came through straight away allowing the NHS to start their recruitment process. The campaign delivered high quality candidates and met NHS Nottingham’s targets for this recruitment drive.

This campaign was planned on a restricted budget and deemed a great success. We have since worked with other NHS Trusts from the success of this campaign.


Recruiting nursing staff