Black bet

Increasing website traffic by 28%

BlackBet Sportsbook and Casino is based in Nigeria and offers customers the best in Online Sports Betting, Casino and In Play experience.


Millions of people around the world play sportsbook and casino games every day and the sector is one of the world’s fastest growing and voracious arms of the entertainment market.
Blackbet’s ambition is to expand their global gaming community by bringing safe, imaginative and innovative sports play to a new generation, by simplifying the platform and engaging new customers, play-by-play.

Their mission is to make each and every one of their community’s gaming experience better in every way they can. Since the launch of their website in November 2017, Blackbet wanted to recruit new sport fans and gamers and deliver what they believe will be one of the most powerful plays in the intersection between sports and entertainment.


The campaign was aimed at delivering a modest amount of 48 sheet billboards placed in strong positions and carefully planned prime locations, where passing daily traffic is very high around East London and surrounding communities. The creative was simple but intriguing. This strategy was to engage with the audience and encourage them to visit Blackbet’s website, learn more and sign up.


By using large format 48 sheets allowed for strong brand visibility and impact, which is essential when launching a new brand and in this case a betting/gaming website. During the campaign, Blackbet had noticed high spikes of visits with many converting into sign ups.


Increasing website traffic by 28%